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Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:22 pm

BitCloud is released, you can download it from our GitHub.

  • added checkpoints
  • added new node seed server (dns seeder)
  • added improvement gouvernance system
  • minor fixes
  • added new spork command (protocol version)
  • added new protocol version
To update your masternode on Ubuntu 16.04, follow this steps :
  1. stop masternode
    bitcloud-cli stop
  2. download new binaries
  3. extract binaries
    tar -xzvf linux.Ubuntu.16.04.LTS-static-libstdc.tar.gz
  4. replace old binaries with new
    mv bitcloudd bitcloud-cli /usr/local/bin (if you used my install script earlier, else use your file location)
  5. delete old files/blockchain
    goto your .bitcloud folder
    rm -R blocks chainstate database fee_estimates.dat mncache.dat mnpayments.dat peers.dat budget.dat debug.log
  6. download and unzip blockchain from our GitHub
    goto your .bitcloud folder
    if unzip is not installed, install with: sudo apt-get install unzip
  7. start your masternode again
    bitcloudd -daemon
After starting your masternode again, there will be downloaded some new generated blocks.
You need to re-start your masternode from your desktop wallet, open debug console and enter:
masternode start-alias YOURMNALIAS

Check masternode status from your vps: bitcloud-cli masternode status

If your have any issues with updating your masternode, contact us via Discord or post an answer in this thread.
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Sun Sep 09, 2018 7:39 pm

Perfekt 8-)
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